How to Create an SAP Onboarding Report?

Create an SAP Onboarding Report. Creating it may be easy for some, or challenging for others.

One must know its mechanics and then choose the best method to create it for your organization.

Once you have a clear understanding of the onboarding process, you can create an onboarding report.

There are different ways to create an onboarding report and each method is based on your SAP system’s technical capabilities.

Create an SAP Onboarding Report – The Method

The two main methods are:

QASAP Onboarding Report (SAPGUI)

Create a QASAP Onboarding Report (SAPGUI) using SAP transaction code QASAP.  It uses the SAP GUI to design and run the report.

The steps to create a QASAP Onboarding Report are:
Design the report based on the user’s requirements. For example, if you want to list all employees who are CIP/CIP-G users, then you would enter CIP/CIP-G in Fieldtype_User Type and enter 1 in FieldType_User Type_Count. Run the report using SAP transaction code QASAP. Use the same design that was created in step 1 and run the report by following these steps: Go to the function module QCOPY3 and click on Copy Data > Copy Data Using Design. 

QASAP Onboarding Report (BOE)

Create a QASAP Onboarding Report (BOE) using SAP BOE functional area by following these steps: Go to SAP BOE functional area and click on New Document icon or New Document icon followed by selecting Custom (BOE). Enter any title for your new document and click Next > Enter data source name, it is recommended to use one that already exists or create one in your Business Warehouse repository, such as CMDB

What is SAP GUI?

Have a look at the SAPGUI. It is a query-oriented tool that allows you to create and run queries. With SAP GUI you can query data from all modules of SAP, such as FI, CO, HR, MM and PM.

What is BOE?

BOE stands for Business Object Editor. It is used for designing and creating reports based on the data stored in your Business Warehouse repository such as CMDB.

Types of BOE

There are three types of BOE:


Used to design reports based on data in your SAP system, such as SAP ERP, SAP CRM, or any other SAP product. So, BOE for BEx – Used to design reports based on data in your Business Warehouse repository. Then, BOE for MDX – Used to design reports based on data in your multidimensional model (MDM).


When you start BOE for ABAP you choose whether to create the report using database content (SAP database) or from a Business Warehouse repository.  The database content option is selected by default and when you choose the Business Warehouse repository all the queries and reports will be created using the content from the CMDB repository. If you select an existing report, then you can modify it without having to create a new one if that is what you need.


When BOE for BEx, MDX and BI is started it asks which object type we want to use; OLAP (Business Warehouse), Multidimensional, or Data Warehouse. Since this is an Onboarding report I would be using OLAP (Business Warehouse). Now we can choose either Create New Document or Open Existing Document. 

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