Infrastructure Manager Job Description

Infrastructure Manager Job Description

The infrastructure manager job description is not an easy task. But if you are interested in the position, then you might find this job fun. Keep on reading to know more.

Infrastructure Manager Job Description

An infrastructure manager is someone responsible for creating and maintaining the infrastructure, whether it is a small or big organization. The infrastructure is usually made of different servers, storage devices, network devices, and other systems. In a small organization, an infrastructure manager is sometimes called a Network Administrator or Networking Manager.

In a bigger organization, many people are working in the same position. A big organization will have a separate department for the same.

The job of an infrastructure manager is complicated and needs a lot of knowledge to do it properly. An IT infrastructure manager has to constantly think about keeping everything in order so that there will be no internal or external failures shortly.

In smaller organizations, the job of an IT infrastructure manager is pretty much easier. In a smaller organization, the network manager has to do all the things that a network administrator, storage administrator, and server administrator do.

On the other hand, in a big organization, some people are specialized in different areas. So a network administrator will work with a storage administrator and a server administrator to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Daily Activities

Here is a list of tasks that an infrastructure manager will have to do daily:

1.) Network Designing

In this task, an infrastructure manager or network manager will have to design the network according to the business needs. After designing the network, he will have to make sure that everything is going according to the plan by making changes when needed.

2.) Network Administration

Network administration includes monitoring and repairing the server and networking devices when there is an issue. This also includes installing new software and making sure that everything is running properly. An infrastructure manager or network administrator has to deal with different networking devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls. It’s also part of his job to keep an eye on the traffic on the network and control it if needed.

3.) Administrative Services

This task includes creating and maintaining user accounts for all the employees of an organization. The infrastructure manager has to make sure that all user accounts are created according to their business needs and they also have all the access rights they need for their job positions. For example: If an employee needs access to only one department and not all departments, then they can’t be given access to other departments too. The job of an infrastructure manager also includes managing user accounts when employees leave.

4.) Backup & Data Recovery Services

It’s part of an infrastructure manager’s work to make sure that all data of an organization is safe and secured from any kind of data loss or any other type of failure. An infrastructure manager has to create backup policies for different businesses for them not to lose their data easily if there are any accidents or natural disasters. It’s also part of his job to recover data for businesses when they are having problems with recovering it by themselves.

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