VP Infrastructure Interview Questions

VP Infrastructure Interview Questions

Knowing and preparing for the VP infrastructure interview questions are vital if you want to get the job. So, to help you, this article will give you sample questions. Read on.

VP Infrastructure

To begin, a VP infrastructure is a person that has many responsibilities that include:

  • Make sure that the company infrastructure is running smoothly. 
  • He or she is responsible for the physical assets of the company and ensuring that they are properly maintained.
  • Make sure that the technology stack is being used efficiently.
  • Planning for the future of the infrastructure, particularly about applications, the data, and the convergence

VP Infrastructure Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some questions that you may encounter:

  • What is your opinion about virtualization technologies? 
  • What do you think about server consolidation? 
  • Which are their advantages and disadvantages?

You can then answer this way:

  • Virtualization technologies can decrease hardware costs, improve system flexibility and increase system availability. The only disadvantage of them is that they can reduce application performance, but this effect can be overcome.

Here is another sample of an answer and question:

  • Question 1: How would you start to plan a data center move or expansion? What are the steps?
  • Answer 1: I will start by looking at what has been done already, what are our current needs and what needs to be done to reach our goals. Then, I will decide what needs to be moved or expanded and how it should be done. After that, I will prepare a plan with all the related details (applications, servers, network equipment, services) and then I will implement it.
  • Question 2: What do you consider more important: choosing new hardware or software? Why?
  • Answer 2: I think both are very important. I have seen many times when companies have spent a lot of money on new hardware without considering their needs thoroughly. So they end up with a lot of excess capacity which is not used for anything. On the other hand, choosing new software without knowing how it works can lead to many problems. 
  • Question 3: How do you deal with computer failures? How do you recover from them quickly?
  • Answer 3: I always make sure that there is a good backup system in place so I can restore everything easily in case of a failure. I also try to anticipate potential failures by making backups regularly (daily or weekly).

Why Prepare?

Why is it important to prepare for these questions before going to the interview? Well, these are important to know and can give you an edge over your competition. Further, it can help you show the interviewer that you are interested in what the company does and that you are capable of offering an innovative solution to any problem that may arise.

So, if you want to get the job, you have to prepare for these types of interview questions. Further, do not that this job requires a high level of expertise and that you should be able to demonstrate that you have this expertise.

Thus, be sure to prepare your answers to leave an impact and to get the job.

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